Stryker to Purchase Another Healthcare Company

Stryker will be acquiring Patient Safety Technologies, Inc., a company focused on improving surgical results and reducing healthcare costs. As reported by the Wall Street Journal last December 31, 2013, Stryker will be paying around $120 million for this acquisition.

According to the media report, by joining forces with Stryker, Patient Safety Technologies hopes to “optimize the perioperative experience by reducing hazards, streamlining operations, and improving outcomes for patients and caregivers.”

This deal with Patient Safety Technologies came right after Stryker finalized its acquisition of Mako Surgical Corporation, another medical company that invented a robotic surgical system to assist surgeons during joint replacement operations.


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Rejuvenate, ABG II Hip Replacement Recall Cost Stryker About $400 Million


Stryker’s Rejuvenate and ABG II hip replacement implants have been recalled because of their faulty design which causes various problems in users. These two hip replacement implants have been found to have high failure rates. It produces tiny metal fragments due the friction between the metal ball-and-socket, resulting to higher-than-usual levels of metals in the bloodstream. Since their recall, Stryker had announced that the recall may potentially cost them $140 million to $390 million. However, the hip replacement manufacturer has increased the amount of allocation for the patients’ necessary treatment, as well as the settlement of claims for insurance payments and lawsuits. Financial analysts continue to keep to close tab on the fluctuations of Stryker’s stock price.

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Stryker Hip Replacement Lawsuit News: Mass. Woman Files First Known Federal Stryker ABG II Hip Lawsuit, Rottenstein Law Group Reports

(PRWEB) April 06, 2013

A Massachusetts woman filed on March 26 what is believed to be the first federal Stryker ABG II Hip Lawsuit in the nation, according to court records. The Rottenstein Law Group, a Stryker hip recall law firm, will follow the case closely and maintains a Stryker Hip Replacement Recall Center with information on Stryker side effects and Stryker lawsuits, as well as news updates.

Plaintiffs Lisa and Brett Lincoln filed the lawsuit (Lincoln et al v. Howmedica Osteonics Corp., d/b/a Stryker Orthopeadics, 1:13-cv-10689-WGY, U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts) seeking damages related to what they allege is a defective device, according to court documents.

“There are already several Stryker hip lawsuits pending regarding the company’s Rejuvenate hip replacement,” said Rochelle Rottenstein, principal of the Rottenstein Law Group. “That someone filed a federal lawsuit regarding the ABG II hip stem implant is then perhaps not surprising.”

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