Rejuvenate, ABG II Hip Replacement Recall Cost Stryker About $400 Million


Stryker’s Rejuvenate and ABG II hip replacement implants have been recalled because of their faulty design which causes various problems in users. These two hip replacement implants have been found to have high failure rates. It produces tiny metal fragments due the friction between the metal ball-and-socket, resulting to higher-than-usual levels of metals in the bloodstream. Since their recall, Stryker had announced that the recall may potentially cost them $140 million to $390 million. However, the hip replacement manufacturer has increased the amount of allocation for the patients’ necessary treatment, as well as the settlement of claims for insurance payments and lawsuits. Financial analysts continue to keep to close tab on the fluctuations of Stryker’s stock price.

READ MORE: Stryker Claims ABG II and Rejuvenate Hip Replacement Recall to Cost Almost $400 Million


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